Protect your construction site with a video-verified mobile surveillance unit.

Real-time video verification of a crime in progress leads to immediate dispatch and priority response.

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Real-time video verification.

Our UL-Listed, 5 Diamond Certified Command Center receives the alarm and video together , allowing our US-Based monitoring staff to instantly confirm the presence of an intruder.  Non-events are also identified, preventing charges for false alarms.

Since 2000, eCamSecure has been entrusted with more than $12 billion in asset protection


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Confirmation of a crime-in-progress elevates the priority of the alarm and expedites police response.  When the 911 center is notified of a crime-in-progress, police give priority response to the alarm, which leads to more arrests.

Instant police dispatch.

Priority response means more arrests.  Video-verified alarms have proven arrest rates thousands of times better than traditional alarms.  Traditional alarms have arrest rates at 0.08% according to police studies.  The sooner responders arrive on scene, the sooner they make arrests. 

As a result, there's less time for property damage to occur and a greater chance of recovering stolen property.

Priority response.

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Instant police dispatch

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