Construction Site Security Guide (Ebook)

Your construction site has many layers – starting at the edges of the property lines, extending to the central structures and covering everything between – and it needs a security system that protects every shadow and corner. 

The best construction site security system is not one size fits all. It’s not only customizable but can be adapted as your construction project evolves. This guide will help you understand all of the parts that make for strong jobsite security.

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The Second Layer: 

Protecting inside the perimeter with mobile surveillance units (MSUs) and security guards

The Third Layer:

Safeguarding trailers and structures using video intrusion detection systems

The Fourth Layer:

Securing equipment and materials using storage best practices along with GPS-tracking devices

What’s Inside

The Fifth Layer:

Using inventory control techniques to record, track and recover equipment and materials

The Sixth Layer: 

Monitoring your construction site using smart technology and connected devices

The Ultimate Layer:

We highlight technologies such as radar video surveillance, thermal imaging, and artificial intelligence

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The First Layer: 

Securing the perimeter with fencing, gates, lighting, signage and people